We are working on our own projects and are open for hire! Feel free to contact us.

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We came to know eachother during our studies at the HKU (Games & Interaction), and soon became friends on basis of our brilliant sense of humor. We each went our own way within this world (software, hardware and art), but we found that connecting these things is something that excites us. We also share the same values and perspectives, while actively discussing these and staying open to new views.

After college, two of us have worked for companies as developers, but we all found that we enjoyed working as freelancers better. Since working together comes naturally, we've decided to start an official collective: Katpatat!

These are values that we like to implement in our work

  • Experimenting: Few things get us excited more than experimenting. We love to connect things that look illogical at first, but make perfect sense once you connect them.
  • Social: Once in a while we need to let our frustration out, frustrations that are build by things we think are unfair in the world, or that could be done better. Projects that have a social factor, helps us, but hopefully also help others deal with an issue.
  • Humor: We implement a sense of humor in our work because it doesn't only feel natural to us, but it also makes some topics less heavy to tackle.


  • Websites (with or without CMS) with React, NodeJS, Gatsby and GraphQL
  • Visuals with Adobe, Affinity or Procreate
  • 3D models with Blender
  • Games with Unity
  • Arduino/Development Boards with PlatformIO (in Visual Code)
  • Printboards with Autodesk Eagle
  • Mobile apps with Unity, Android Studio and XCode
  • Workflow with Agile (Kanban and Scrum)
  • Devops with Kubernetes (Rancher RKE & K3S), Gitlab CI, Docker and Linux (shell)


Just a simple developer


Patatjes 4 Life


Mainframe hacker